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Stainless Steel Glass Clamp in Square & D-Shape for both Round and Flat Post. Glass Clamps are suitable for 8 MM, 10 MM & 12 MM Glass. Contact us for more details and our best rates.

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Contact us for our Color Coated Stainless Steel Glass Spigots. Here is the photos of our Glass Spigots color coated with Antique Brass Finish. We have variety of color options to choose from as per your requirement of Glass Spigot.

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Get our Stainless Steel Glass Clamps for your Glass Balustrade Post and for holding other glass panels of Shelves. Our Glass Clamps are of size 50 MM x 50 MM and is suitable for Glass of thickness 8 MM, 10 MM, 12 MM & 15 MM.

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Glass Clamps made of Stainless Steel for Glass Balustrades. It consist Pin in center for glass grip. It suits for Glass panel of 8 MM to 15 MM. It comes in Satin and Mirror Finish.

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Our Stainless Steel Casted Glass Spigot to fit 10 mm to 17 mm Glass Panel. Our glass spigots comes in Stainless Steel 304, 316 and Duplex 2205 Materials. Our glass spigot has Silicon Gasket and Grub scews for better and tigher hold of Glass.

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Get frameless Stair Glass Railing with the help of our Glass Point Fittings made from Stainless Steel materials for not obstructive view. Our Glass Point Fittings are easy to install and gives a perfect frameless glass railing.

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In the world full of diversity, why be the same. Get you Glass Railing work done with our Hexagonal Glass Railing Spigot, instead of regular Square and Round Glass Spigot. Our Hexagonal Glass Spigot gives unique look to your Glass Railing. It is easy to install and has Grub screw to tighten the glass panel.

We manufacturer Stainless Steel Chains in Grade 202, 304 & 316 as per the clients requirement. It has perfect welding and strength. We have Stainless Steel Chains from 2 mm Thickness to 16 mm Thickness. We can manufacturer both Short Link Chain and Long Link Chain

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We are Glass Spigot manufacturer having various options to chose from. One of which is Glass Spigot made from Stainless Steel Sheets. We can manufacture Glass Spigot as per the client dimensions and their need. Our standard height of Glass Spigots are 4", 6", 8" & 9".

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For Frameless Glass Railing use our Stainless Steel Point Fittings. We manufactures Point Fittings from best quality Stainless Steel Rod by CNC Method. Our Point Fitting Railing has perfect finish to give your home a better and lavish look. It comes in three parts for easy installation.